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If you're someone that is head over heels in love with your pet, and want a fun, friendly, person who will give the best care possible, then you've stopped at the right website. Scroll through, give me a call, and let's see if we're a perfect match. 



About Me

Animal Care Professional 

My name is Jaidyn and I'm the owner of J Walk PDX.

Growing up just outside of Portland, I fell in love with the dog friendliness of the city, which inspired my love for all four-legged creatures. Caring for pets my whole life I have come to understand the responsibility and attention required for having a happy, healthy companion. Today, I pet every dog I possibly can and I’m the one found hanging out exclusively with animals instead of people at a party. While finishing my degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences at Portland State University, I realized my love for animals far surpassed my love of clinics and insurance companies. I found my communication skills were better suited for animals and the people that love them. It’s become my life’s mission to cater to each pet’s unique needs, give all the cuddles I possibly can, and to ultimately be a friend to you and your beloved.

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About J Walk PDX

Passion for Animals

Besides my love for our four legged friends, I created this business with the intention to provide the service that I would want for my pets and to help my community in a meaningful way. I want to be someone you can trust beyond a doubt, someone who communicates in the way that best fits your needs, and someone who clearly wants you and your pet to be happy. I want my clients to feel as if I am a good friend they've known fur-ever, and I'm just stopping by to give their fur babe some love (because what pet doesn't need more love?)



With J Walk PDX, you will find everything you need. Whether you’re traveling on vacation or just out for the day. I make sure your pets get plenty of fresh air, exercise, and love!


15 Minute Dog Walk

 A quick walk around the block & a potty break. Perfect for young puppies still learning how it all works or older pups who are ready to slow down. 



$13/walk if booking 3 or more walks for the week


30 Minute Walk

An active stimulating walk in your neighborhood (or previously discussed location) at your dog's pace. Let's get out and sniff all the things!



$18/walk if booking 3 or more walks for the week

60 Minute Walk

An extended walk in neighborhood (or previously discussed location) for all those active dogs out there. Time to burn some serious energy! 



$28/walk if booking 3 or more walks a week


15 Minute Cat Sitting

A quick visit  for me to clean the litter box, feed, pet, and play with your kitty! I can also do basic household tasks like getting the mail, taking out the garbage, and watering plants. 



30 Minute Cat Visit

All of the above with extra love! 

Price: $20/visit


Standard Overnight Stay

This stay follows a typical workday schedule, meaning your pet is never alone for more than 8 hours during the day. Each day during my stay I will complete the morning and evening feeding routines. Your pup will also get a morning walk after their breakfast and an evening walk after their dinner. Of course lets not forget cuddles and play time when I'm home with them! 



Standard Plus Overnight Stay

This stay includes all of the above plus a 30 minute midday walk. This means your pet is never alone for more than 5-6 hours during the day! 





Jaidyn stayed at my house and cared for my cats recently and I was very pleased with her work. She texted me updates often and included photos of my kitties. And she alerted me when one of my cats had some sickness symptoms as well. I strongly recommend her services for anyone needing pet care.


Since I travel frequently, I need a reliable, caring pet sitter. Over the past year, I have been fortunate to count on Jaidyn to care for my cat, Margot, while I am away. She is responsible, professional and communicates clearly with me about my cat’s needs. I appreciate that she always responds in a timely fashion so I never have to worry about what Margot is doing. Most importantly, my cat adores Jaidyn which tells me Margot is always well cared for and happy. It is comforting to me to know my precious pet is in such good hands.


Jaidyn is a wonderful dog and house sitter! My anxious rescue dog loves her and is much more relaxed when I pull out the suitcase when she sees Jaidyn come by to pick up the key.  Jaidyn has great interactions with my dog, is very responsible, respectful and accommodating, communicates effectively, ‘leaves no trace’ when she leaves the house and is generally a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her!



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